Philosophy man and experience

The values


Laziness and loyalty

Since 1885 we have upholded to traditional values and the unique history of the Montanaro Grappa. We have not changed our location, we have not changed alembics, we have not changed our suppliers, and we have not changed our methods of Grappa production. This is what makes us unique.


Artisanal expertise

The distillation process is still nowadays discontinuous with originals steam alembics in copper. The experience of our alembic masters and their constant supervision throughout the entire production process makes Montanaro Grappa a prestigious product; it is rich in intense refined flavours and aromas.



Thanks to tradition and ancient arts Montanaro is able to convert the surplus of wine production into exclusive and refined grappas. Each year at the starting of the production, the magic begins with the transformation of marcs into clear spirits with inebriating and unique perfumes.



After a rigorous selection only the finest raw material can be processed, in respect of a traditional methodology which has been created by it’s founders and then perfected throughout the years until the present day.



We work with small steam alembics with batch (discontinuous) method and a low pressure steam in order to have the time to extract not only the alcohol contained in the marcs but also all the aromas and perfumes of the exhausted grape skins. This is the key to producing unique spirits of the highest level.