Unobtainable grappas: The Treasures

Grappa di Barolo Cannubi

This unique grappa is distilled from the grape marcs of ‘Nebbiolo da Barolo’ from the famous Cannubi "cru"

The feature that makes it one of the finest grappa of our production is the extreme refinement and unmistakable intensity on the nose and the cleanliness and elegance in the mouth. It has a golden colour, it is soft, velvety, sweet and delicate on the palate. The first impact reveals notes of dried fruit and jam. Ageing in Slavonian oak barrels for 4-5 years shows a golden yellow colour typical of wood-aged distillates, while in the mouth it is perceived by typical notes of toasted wood.

Alcohol content: 43°

Bottle format: 50 - 70 cl

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the raw material

Pure Nebbiolo of Barolo ‘Cru’ Cannubi grape marcs

Distillation and processing

Distillation in small copper “boiler” powered by steam, and separation of good alcohol from methyl alcohol using double column.

Distilled according to the Montanaro traditional method

Refinement in oak barrels for about 48-60 months

Tasting notes

Very elegant Grappa with an intense and delicate aroma. Elegant and fine flavour typical of the Nebbiolo grape, marked by the presence of dried fruit and jam typical of medium aged Barolo.

Intense golden yellow colour

Delicate, fine

Soft, velvety, sweet

Unobtainable grappas: The Treasures

Grappa di Barolo Cannubi