Unobtainable grappas: The Treasures

Grappa di Barolo Millesimata

The best vintages of ‘Nebbiolo da Barolo’ are matured in old oak barrels that are centuries old

This grappa has intense shades and warm tones of bright amber.

The scent that is perceived before tasting it is profound and intense. There are light fruity notes and more marked spicy notes typical of aged Barolo. However the emotion of aromas that are developed while sipping the distillate.

It has a harmonious perfume, the fruity notes develop in spicy notes such as tobacco, cinnamon as well as the toasted flavours typical of the ageing process using oak barrels.

Alcohol content: 45°

Bottle format: 50 - 70 cl

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the raw material

Pure vinacce di uve Nebbiolo da Barolo.

Distillation and processing

Distillation in small copper boiler powered by steam , and separation of good alcohol from methyl alcohol using double columns.

Distilled according to the Montanaro traditional method

Left in oak barrels for 18-20 years

Tasting notes

Very intense and persistent grappa, complex with light fruity notes and more intense spicy notes typical of long aging.

Intense amber colour

Light fruity notes, more marked spicy notes

Complex, embracing and very intense

Unobtainable grappas: The Treasures

Grappa di Barolo Millesimata