Unobtainable grappas: The Ometti

Grappa di Nebbiolo

White grappa obtained from pure Nebbiolo grape marcs from the Langhe area

It is bottled very young, demontrating a conquest in through the pureness of perfumes and aromas and the sharp, fresh and elegant taste.

Alcohol content: 43°

Bottle format: 50 - 70 cl

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the raw material

Pure Nebbiolo of Langhe area grape marcs.

Distillation and processing

Distillation in small copper boiler and separation of good alcohol from methyl alcohol using double column.

Distilled according to the Montanaro traditional method: steam alembics in copper

Refinement in stainless steel

Tasting notes

Grappa with a fine aroma and a good complexity. Classic and clean flavour.


Dry and very intense

Dry and clean

Unobtainable grappas: The Ometti

Grappa di Nebbiolo